The Luxury Complex Located in Sunny Beach resort. Not only is it distinguished by its extremely good hotel base, location amazing pools and views, it also has a very good refrigeration base which ensures the storage of the abundance of food products they offer in their luxury restaurants.

The invisible projects:

The things that often remain hidden for most visitors to such places are often one of the most important items that ensure a quiet and pleasant stay for all visitors to the complex. These are technologies that are built into the walls, ceilings and floors of these beautiful buildings.

Refrigeration equipment is also part of these hidden technologies. Aqua Nevis Family Resort has a modern refrigeration system that guarantees the storage of a variety of food products that the complex offers. Vardev Service Ltd. is responsible for the construction and commissioning of this refrigeration base. It consists of 1450 sq.m refrigerated panel over 260m Pipe routes and many other details.


Other projects

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