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Vardev Service Ltd. is a small family company with big  potentialities.

Established in the distant 1995 by Mr. Kircho Vardev with the first name ET "Bitotehcomers" with the subject of activity - "Repair of all kinds of electrical household appliances." Over the years we changed and improved, in 1998 we began to install the first air conditioners appeared in Burgas. Since then, our customers are so numerous that to this day we are installing home air conditioners. In 2011, the company changed its name to Vardev Service Ltd. headed by the sons of Mr. Vardev, Zlatin Vardev and Emil Vardev. Together, we have been able to increase the company's capabilities and make incredible projects for a wide variety of clients, from the restaurant business through the hotel business to industrial refrigerated warehouses, grocery stores and more.

Emil and Zlatin - Vardev

We are proud of our attention to detail, which is extremely important for the correct and trouble-free operation of all installed equipment, which is extremely important for our customers.

We communicate with all other parties involved in the project to achieve the maximum results our clients are aiming for..

Our team of professionals is always ready to fulfill your projects!

We uderstand of functionality , energy efficiency, technology upgrades and integrate into your projects. We have chosen carefully with your materials and machines and structures to present so that your project is naturally integrated, which cannot be heavy on  your budget.

We work closely with you and your team of architects and projects from a proposed plan or from scratch.

We can present:

Accurate and detailed offers and prices.
Fully licensed installation team.
Network of reliable and trusted subcontractors.
Resilience to build.
Confidence and calm.