Projection of heating and cooling systems for home users


Contrary to popular belief, the installation of a home air-conditioning system is not limited to cable pipe screws and nuts.

Because each person has a different view of the interior and the orientation of the furniture in the rooms he lives in, each room has a different layout and a different degree of insulation, a different arrangement of windows and doors. Therefore, the air conditioner must be selected individually for each customer.

Vardev Service Ltd

Each project is unique!

            For this, Vardev Service LTD organizes individual inspections for the selection and installation of air conditioning equipment.

Our team is redy,

to discuss with you the wide variety of air conditioners on the market.

Together, we will select the air conditioner that suits your taste, fits your budget and works smoothly for a long time.

Just as good and quiet operation of the air conditioning system is important, so the design of the air conditioning system must be chosen according to your interior, so that you can enjoy it every time you enter your room.

We can offer you:
Large selection of quality air conditioners on the market.
Installation site consultation.
Consultation on choosing an air-conditioning system that suits your needs and budget.
Professional installation team for your air conditioner.
Warranty and non-warranty service for a large range of air conditioning systems.


I am extremely pleased with the professional advice I received from the specialists of Vardev Service. I am also very pleased with the fast and clean installation performed by the professional installers of Mr. Vardev. I use olso the services of the air conditioner-service and they did very professionally

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