Installation of refrigeration systems


Refrigeration chambers can be of different sizes and for different purposes.

Can be:

  ♦ Medium temperature

  ♦ Low-temperature

  ♦ Combined

  ♦ For cooling

  ♦ For freezing

  ♦ For drying different types of sausages, etc.

Walk in refrigerator

The refrigerator is insulated with a thermal panel whose
thickness is determined by its purpose and location.
        The cooling panel can be stainless steel or
powder-coated according to customer's wishes
       They must be assembled according to the technology that requires it, otherwise there is a risk of heat loss and malfunctions in the entire refrigeration facility.

Refrigeration systems for hotel complexes

Many hotel complexes need more refrigeration facilities in order to properly store the abundance of food they offer to their guests.

     This causes some problems such as:

  • High noise of refrigerators.
  • High ambient temperature.
  • Frequent opening of refrigerator doors.

    We at Vardev Service have found professional solutions that can be integrated in both small and the most luxurious hotel complexes, without adding additional facilities such as expensive ventilation systems or additional air conditioning.

      We are ready to share our many years of experience with you and offer you professional solutions while reducing your electricity bills and adding additional benefits beyond your basic refrigeration properties.

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